Dramatic Feather Flowers / 1-Day Workshop



  • Dramatic Feather Flowers

    In this 1-Day Workshop you will understand the feather structure to master the fine art of, cutting, trimming, dyeing/colouring, manipulating, curling and assembling feather masterpieces. You will learn Carole’s unique technique of 3D layering and assembly and how to make bases. You will create sculptural satellite flowers on spines or blind wire. 


    Carole will teach you how to create bespoke bridal millinery, fantastic feather covered hats and how to make feather pads and stamens.  She encourages you to use her system and knowledge to enhance your own creativity. Your clients will be amazed at your new range of contemporary, professional and flattering headwear. 


    Using one particular type of feather, you will create flowers in this workshop that can either be used as trim or bridal or dramatic enough to be the whole hat. You will also create a bird or freeform headpiece.  


    Carole will bring feathers with her for you to use and take home, and you can bring any of your own feathers with you to play with.  The kit will includes over 300 feathers, spine/wire/bases and the sculptural base for the headpiece.

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