The Thermoplastics Revolution / 2-Day Workshop



  • The Thermoplastic Revolution

    Day 1 - Introduction to Thermoplastics

    We will focus on the best and new materials and explore their extraordinary qualities and benefits. Learn how to block crowns, brims and make trim. Its quick and easy to use, its light and self adhesive, no wire, stiffener or drying time needed and the forms holds shape well. It can be sewn by hand or by machine, painted, covered, cut with scissors and is versatile. We will create a blocked small crown covered in a fabric and a small sculptural headpiece​


    Day 2 - Advanced Blocking with Thermoplastics and Leather

    Learn how to block leather over thermoplastics to create a very smooth and light hat that is very durable. Design two thermoplastic headpieces/hats using two thermoplastic materials. Block and cover the pieces with (a) leather (b) fabric. Make a head wire or band to attach the headpieces to. Finish edges and trim the pieces. Create trim using Carole’s new thermoplastic. Sample & play with all new thermoplastic materials. Take home professional notes.​


    Carole will also demonstrate new materials on the market such as paper cloth, cork cloth, poly-fabric cloth, Mylar, HatBondCM and a new non-toxic hat stiffener.

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