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The Ballard Millinery Studio is the design studio and workshop for five Seattle milliners.

Carol Campbell - Michale Crooks - Jane Leeds - Belle McCluskey - Wayne Wichern

Modern millinery is a craft both traditional and experimental. Across the country and around the globe, highly-skilled communities of hat makers are creating sculptural art by combining centuries-old techniques with new materials and modern design trends. We are five hat makers who share the Ballard Millinery Studio. We are part of a robust group of Seattle area milliners and hat makers.

The Ballard Millinery Studio is a glimpse into the hat maker’s workroom and the process of blocking hats - the forming of felt and straw materials over traditional wood hat blocks.

Hat blocks are “tools of the trade” for the hat maker, but they are not just common workroom tools. They are wood forms, intricately carved and shaped by skilled woodworkers -- they are unique sculptured works of art in their own right.


Please email us individually for an appointment to view our ready to wear hats in our showroom or to have a hat made for your particular needs. We are frequently working in the studio but it is best to contact one of us in advance. We look forward to working with you. 

Please join our Mailing List for upcoming hat & fashion events and hat making classes & workshops.

Slant Fefora
Slant Fedora 2.JPG
Felt Blocking 3
Felt Blocking 1
Felt Blocking 2
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