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Dramatic Feather Flowers  1-Day Workshop

The Thermoplastics Revolution  2-Day Workshop

Guest Millinery Instructor - Carole Maher, Sydney Australia

The Thermoplastics Revolution - Two Day Workshop


These new high tech thermo plastic and thermo-formable materials revolutionize and change the way we create millinery. We use these materials with traditional millinery materials to provide structural integrity, weatherproofing, sculptural ability and creative opportunity. The opportunities are endless, they lend themselves well to all forms of millinery from top hats to sculptural light weight headpieces as well as traditional crown & brim hats. They are also fantastic for theatrical millinery and props. There is a thermoplastic for all applications so choosing the right tone is critical. Thermoplastics can reduce time and materials and increase profit.

Day 1 - Introduction to Thermoplastics - We will focus on the best and new materials and explore their extraordinary qualities and benefits. Learn how to block crowns, brims and make trim. Its quick and easy to use, its light and self adhesive, no wire, stiffener or drying time needed and the forms holds shape well. It can be sewn by hand or by machine, painted, covered, cut with scissors and is versatile. We will create a blocked small crown covered in a fabric and a small sculptural headpiece

Day 2 - Advanced Blocking with Thermoplastics and Leather

 Learn how to block leather over thermoplastics to create a very smooth and light hat that is very durable. Design two thermoplastic headpieces/hats using two thermoplastic materials. Block and cover the pieces with (a) leather (b) fabric. Make a head wire or band to attach the headpieces to. Finish edges and trim the pieces. Create trim using Carole’s new thermoplastic. Sample & play with all new thermoplastic materials. Take home professional notes. Carole will also demonstrate new materials on the market such as paper cloth, cork cloth, poly-fabric cloth, Mylar, HatBondCM and a new non-toxic hat stiffener.

Dramatic Feather Flowers - One Day Workshop


Feather Flowers are highly flattering on any face shape, lightweight, soft and feminine. They can also be dramatic, contemporary and very creative. Follow the unique and practical system developed and taught by renowned international millinery tutor Carole Maher of Australia. You will be surprised how quick and easy it is to create these high impact flowers for your hats and headpieces. 

 Whatever the occasion there is a flower to suit your client in need of a Fashions on the Field winner, a bridal headpiece or a feather crown. Adorned as a trim or as a complete headpiece there is an abundance of options to make your stylish flowers contemporary, bespoke and very exclusive.       


“This is an important set of skills - unique to Carole you will use throughout your millinery career” Elaine Mergard, The Hat Academy   


In this 1-Day workshop you will understand the feather structure to master the fine art of, cutting, trimming, dyeing/colouring, manipulating, curling and assembling feather masterpieces. You will learn Carole’s unique technique of 3-D layering and assembly and how to make bases. You will create sculptural satellite flowers on spines or blind wire.  Carole will teach you how to create bespoke bridal millinery, fantastic feather covered hats and how to make feather pads and stamens.  She encourages you to use her system and knowledge to enhance your own creativity. Your clients will be amazed at your new range of contemporary, professional and flattering headwear. 


Using one particular type of feather, you will create flowers in this workshop that can either be used as trim or bridal or dramatic enough to be the whole hat. You will also create a bird or freeform headpiece.  


Carole will bring feathers with her for you to use and take home, and you can bring any of your own feathers with you to play with.  The kit will includes over 300 feathers, spine/wire/bases and the sculptural base for the headpiece.

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Carole Maher - Couture Milliner, Headwear Designer, International Millinery Instructor 

After a successful career in advertising where Carole was the CEO of an advertising company in Hong Kong, Carole decided to follow her more creative side and took herself off to the UK to study millinery at the Royal London College of Fashion.


Whilst in England she attended classes with Rose Corey, Royal Warranted Milliner.  On returning to Australia Carole graduated from the Sydney Institute of Fashion Technology - Millinery Cert IV, a three and a half year course, which gives her the added title of “Couture” as well as Milliner.


Carole is dedicated and passionate about millinery design, innovation and technological advancement and delivers workshops and masterclasses for milliners and tutors at International Millinery conventions, workshops in UK, Australia, France, Spain, The Netherlands, Ireland, New York, Canada, and at her own Atelier in Sydney.


Carole has been instrumental in researching, developing and introducing thermo-formable materials and plastics into the Millinery, Fashion and Cosplay Industry worldwide since 2007.  She has developed materials, skills, techniques and procedures that have revolutionized the way millinery and fashion are created  and produced. She has taught her unique skill sets globally for the past 5 years.

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