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Delicious #2

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

This is Pillbox #2 of a group of four elaborately decorated pillboxes a client discovered on Ebay. The original hats were very small and she wanted them transformed into larger scale hats which would be more comfortable to wear.

I decided to use a favorite block from my collection which has a wonderful lilting arched shape much like vintage Dior platter brims. The brim was blocked in a rust/brandy felt.

The brim edge was bound with grosgrain ribbon and rolled to the underside of the brim, then the pillbox and brim were hand stitched together.

Gold metallic braid trim covers and integrates the join between the felt brim and crown. Motifs of metallic lace extend the character of the elaborate crown out onto the brim and charcoal brown burnt ostrich plumes soften the silhouette.

The finished hat sits high on the head due to the very small head size of the original crown necessitating a secondary domed crown which the entire hat sits on to allow the hat to be comfortable and secure on the head and perch forward. The metallic braid and lace motif embellishments are extended to the supporting crown to complete the hat.

Delicious #2


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