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Delicious #3

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

This is Pillbox #3 of a group of four elaborately decorated pillboxes a client discovered on Ebay. The original hats were very small and rigid. She wanted them transformed into larger scale hats which would be more comfortable to wear. This is not to say the hats will be any less theatrical - less is never more!


The other three hats in this series have brims, I wanted this hat to be more compact and vertical, more of a dramatic fez or turban. The hat block (#846) has a recessed center and the round shape angles to a 3 cornered point on the right side of the shape.

The top of the rust blocked felt shape is cut out and the original pillbox is set into the recessed portion on the top of the hat and stitched in place.

Beaded lace trim and cut outs of large bronze/copper lace motifs integrate and embellish the two parts of the hat. The large bronze/copper lace motifs add dimensional texture and visual weight to the trim of the finished hat. The final addition of the multi colored silk tassels completes the hat.

Delicious #3


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