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Melody's Medley of Berets

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Melody, a client in Pasadena asked me recently if the felt berets I had made for her in past years could be reblocked. The berets were a larger bouffant style as shown in the photos below. Melody wanted a smaller more compact hat style now.

The answer was yes! Good quality millinery felt will generally block into a smaller hat. We decided Hat Block #7007 would be the most suitable, a smart, defined shape.

I reblocked six existing berets along with three new colors and one in black parisisal straw. Melody's original berets did not have trim but the new hats would be embellished with a variety of trim details.


Flowers created with velvet leaves and a cluster of berries made of felt scrap knots form a corsage handstitched along the left side of the rust, chartreuse and red berets.

Stitched veining detail or creased felt leaves and pods cut from remaining scrap felt embellish the hunter green, orange spice and pewter berets.

Felt leaf cockades trim the burgundy, burgundy and orange spice berets.

A more dramatic and glittering trim for the Evening Beret.

The black parisisal straw beret is trimmed with 3 large straw braid leaves which are embellished with embroidered and matte sequin lace overlay.


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